Cloud Travel is a travel agency that creates bespoke travel packages for business and leisure travellers alike.

Run by a team with a talent for all things travel, Cloud Travel was created to breach a gap in the market; namely the lack of tailored travel services, including but not limited to flights, bookings, transport and visa applications.

At Cloud Travel we are keen explorers with a passion for adventure who are always searching for the best prices so we get to see MORE for LESS. Be it a local weekend away with family and friends, an international holiday chasing the sun or building snowmen or to tick off those once in a lifetime bucket list destinations, we never pass up an opportunity to Explore Tomorrow, Today!


We aim to remove the stress as you prepare to travel by providing an all in one professional service that takes care of everything from start to finish, allowing you more time to plan for that important meeting, spend quality time with your loved ones and focus on your “what to pack” list.

Not only does Cloud Travel offer affordable rates and deliver excellent customer services, we also provide a dedicated travel manager who will be available to assist throughout the journey whenever needed.

Why not meet your client face to face, challenge yourself, experience a new culture or ignite the romance in your life. You’re never too old nor too young to enjoy a new adventure.